Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Hometown Teaser

A Teaser for things to come, Rey Resurreccion new video in the works, this got some feeling behind it.

can't wait for the video.....

Kabooooom !!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

She's a Tease : Fiebre de Jack (Nuevo Video)

Oh man,

My boys from She's A Tease se botaaaaaaron con esta. New video for Fiebre de Jack, homenaje a

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension

Simple, pero bien cabron, como debe de ser siempre, denle play que esto es una viana bien 

KAboooooooooooom !!!!!

She's a Tease : Fiebre de Jack (Nuevo Video) from 8106 on Vimeo.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Track by Milkman

Is about that time peeps, new track from my boy Milkman, and trust me when i say, like the stone cold stunner " YOU NEVER SAW IT COMING"

Now get ready to dance suckasssss and look out for my Dubstep remix

Photobucket     DOWNLOAD

 Milkman - Alors On DAnce by Laclinica

Monday, November 29, 2010

New mixtape From Niña Dioz


let's start the week with new shit. here's a new mixtape from my gurl Niña Dioz, Rapera de MTY mexico. Just proving that she can't be held back by no one...and o yeah, I produced a track here, and is a loaded one...


Kabooooooooooom !!!!!!


Monday, November 15, 2010

She's a Tease - Sessiones Reactor

She's a Tease, Sessiones reacotor 6to aniversarion, Killing it.....

KAboooooooom !!!!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Milkman- Confused

Are you confused? do you not know what to do ? is she playing with you...

or playing you ?

do you need to know where to find your soul, when you don't know where to go ?

I think this track is for you then

Kaboooooooooooom !!!!!

04 Confused by Laclinica

Friday, October 29, 2010

New Video de Niña Dioz

Ok i've been neglecting my blog, Sniff Snifff,.... Noooooo moreeeeee, aca les viene un Video nuevo de Niña Dioz....this one sounds like the start of something new...

KAbooooooom !!!!!

"Chicos, Tenis y Cachucha" from Niña Dioz on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gocho ft. Jowel - Dandole

Yo me la pasaria esta noche dando, dando, dandoleeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!

KAbooooooom !!!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

She's a Tease Fiebre de Jack

Cuando estamos mezclando esta rola alla a principios de año en vanquish estuios, yo dije, diablooooos esto es un palo palo palo. Una de mis canciones favoritas de este disco, y este disco en si es uno de las cosas que he hecho que me trae mucho orgullo.

esto huele a Grammy, jejejeje, con Dios delante

marka la fecha, 10-26-10 Millonaira en la calle

KAbooooooom !!!!!

Fiebre master 5 by Laclinica

Monday, October 4, 2010

Carolina Remix Eddie D

So, I Just cameback from Puerto Rico, I among the MANY MANY THINGS i was involved with while i was there, I got to work on this sick ass remix with Eddie Avila (aka Eddie D)

I got no word to describe what it was to work with Eddi D, an that in itself was an amazing experience.

The result es below, you can play it here or you can click here to download it from Eddie D's website.

as usual, KAbooooooom !!!!!!

Carolina Remix by Laclinica

Monday, September 20, 2010

Milkman - Drop (twitter.com/soymilkman)

This is what we do on our time off,

WTF do you do....

KAbooooooom !!!!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Milkman - for me by Laclinica

Is my boy Milkman,

he's letting it all out on this one, telling it how it is. si no entiended es por que estan sordos. si estan sordos es por que no quieren escuchar...

Play this shit Down there....

Download this shit here

abran el oido carajo !!!!!!

KAbooooom !!!!!

Milkman - for me by Laclinica

Monday, September 13, 2010

Cuerpo Caramelo by Gretchen Serrao

Oh Snap, mambo mondays yoooooo !!!!

Aca les traigo un mambito que mezcle hace un par de meses, es parte del album de Gretchen Serrao, que es mambo electronico del bueno.

Esta pa ke lo bajen y to

Kabooooooom !!!!!!

Cuerpo Caramelo by Gretchen Serrao

Friday, September 10, 2010

MORENITO DE FUEGO Te Quiero Oé Original Mixmigraña productions

Diaaaablos , este morenito de fuego no nos dio ni un warning y solto esta bombasoooooo !!!!

denle play hasta que se rompa youtube

KAboooooooooom !!!!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

She's a Tease and Milkman, Redbull Tour

On the road with the Redbull Tour Bus....

Looks like good times, and i wasn't there, Sniff Sniff

KAboooooom !!!!!

Episodio 1: She´s a Tease from Red Bull • Tour Bus Mexico on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sensato - El Malo produced by DJ Napoles by Laclinica

Diabloss, new track from these two monsters, Delen paya mi gente, bajen eso y delen play hasta ke el CD player haga KAbooooooom !!!!!!!! Sensato - El Malo produced by DJ Napoles by Laclinica

Monday, August 30, 2010

She's A Tease @ Red Bull Tour Bus - "WHY?"

Hello my Patients

Here's a quickie monday post to get the week going....

Is She's a Tease , is Milkman....is a bigass Red Bull buss with a sound system.....Damn, must be a party !!1

KAboooooom !!!!

@shesatease @soymilkman

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mako Rayo-No Pos Waow (Official HD Music Video)

Wad  up Patients....

and yes you have been very patient, but i got this gem as a reward. Man you gonna love this shit....cause this shit is craaaaaaack !!!!!

So Jeremiah Rayo hits me up and is like , "yo medico, how comes you ain't got no Mako Rayo on the blog ???" and im like.... " Damn you Right mang !!!! " . So here it is, a Mako Rayo Trippple Feature starting with everyone favorite track

No pos WaoW

KAbooooom !!!!! #1

The for hit number 2, how bout we mix it up cumbia, Toyselectah and sonidero nacional style jeje

Kabooom !!! #2

y pa Cerrar, pues una Tiraera....pero pa todos Cabrones !!!!!!

Llego el Chingon...

Kabooooom !!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

One Chot - Rotten Town

Saludos My Patients....

Is been a long time, i know ( i know ), but I've been busy.  Got some really cool stuff coming along.  Meanwhile, let's start the friday right with this video.

Is called Rotten Town, from mi pana One chot... I like this video, i like what he's trying to do with it... and I hope he achieves what he could achieve with this video.

Is so thought provoking that even Chavez is talking about it..... he made Chavez think....Daaaaamnn !!!!!

Kaboooooom !!!!!

Rotten Town from El Flying Monkey on Vimeo.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Takin Ova by MalucaMala

Hello my patients....

    I got a good one for this Friday the 13th.....viernes Malo con la Maluca,

 BaM !!!!!

   My gurl malucamala got this mixtape out, and you all gotta download it and eat it up like goood china foood. Imma post up this track from it called Takin Ova, produced by Marcus Price, visuals by Paul Devro and Mike Bishop. Also it was  mixed by Paul Devro, hopefully soon i'll have something from him to post up too ;)

sooooo....but in addition to that, here's the link to download the whole thing.


 Hit it up, and let that junk china food flow through ya jejejeje !!!

 KAboooooooom !!!!!


  Takin Ova by MalucaMala

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

El Diablo Master by Erick Santos

New track from another Monterrey talent...

 wad up peoples !!!! here's another track that i've been sitting on for the weekend. This one is from my dude Erick Santos, and is called El Diablo.....

now i know the title is a little rough, but the track goes down soomth sooooooo

  Hit it up !!!!

 KAbooooooom !!!!!!!!


  El Diablo Master by Erick Santos

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

J. Javier & Andiel LOS ANDROIDES - Tortura

Hello my patients....

Sorry but i've been sittin' on this track all weekend....La pregunta es; tu quiere regeatooooooooon ???  que si ??

    TOmaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!  

Directamente desde la base, el estudio de mi pana Hyde, El verdadero quimiko, Aca les traigo a  Los Androides.

Vamo ayaaaa, A perreaaaa, jejejejeje

KAboooooooom !!!!!!!!


  J. Javier & Andiel LOS ANDROIDES - Tortura by Laclinica

Friday, August 6, 2010

Niña Dioz Triple Friday Feature

Ok, lets close friday with a BAng !!!!!

We got a Niña Dioz Trippple Feature to celebrate her California Tour.

first a track is with Ceci Bastida, called Empieza Amanecer. You already know these two gurls, but if you don't, this track is a good introduction. Ceci just release her album in mexico, US to follow. Niña Dioz got her album ready to go, but meanwhile there's a mixtape coming that's gonna be a great fix.

Ceci, hit me up, we gotta do something gurla !!!!!

KAboooooom !!! number 1 right here

NExt is a CRKRS track Ft Niña Dioz and Kid Kimera. You need to keep an eye out for this Kimera...Remember I only post music and video of artist that i worked with, are working with, or will work with. I havent worked with The Kid......yet, but that has to happen soon

KAboooooom !!!!! Number 2

And finally a Remix from one of the tracks in the upcoming album, this one is called Boom Bap, original track by mood fu, Remix by Rob Threezy. One of the few tracks from the Album, Nueva Escuela, that's actually made it out....

KAbooooom !!!!! number 3

NExt week I gots some more MTY Crema....See ya for now

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Me Gusto ft. Chico Mann (Toy Selectah Remix) by Laclinica

And one more time jejejeje ...

I told you suckas that this was gonna be a busy week. Music from my peeps seeping out of the pores. I love it !!!!I had the pleasure of mastering this track, and let me tell you, This dude gots so much more coming, and i mean, soooooo much more coming... nah, you ain't ready.Play it, download it, kill it...and

KAboooooom !!!!!

Independiente - Los Insuperables by Laclinica

Aca les va otraaaa my patients....And in the spirit of posting only tracks a Videos of people I'm involve with, aca les traigo the latest collabo between DY and DO INDEPENDIETE

Something tells me this is not the last track we'll hear from these two....the Horizon is, lets say, Full of things to come.

Big ups to Eli el musicologo, Menace and the rest of the production crew, they really are from NAZA, no doubt....

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Prince Royce "Crazy" prod by Dj Napoles

Happy Wenesday my patientssss !!!!

Okay, in the spirit of only posting music and videos of people what i have worked with, that I'm working with, or that i will work with, jejejee, here's a new post for wenesday; DJ Napoles

This dude, Domincano, conpatriota, metiendomano bien duro, and representado como es. Here's his newest production

Prince Royce "Crazy"

Now you know that if is on this blog, is cause is DOPE !!!!!, and you all gonna love this shit. so hit it up

KAbooooooom !!!!!!

Te Quiero EO by Morenito de Fuegooooo !!!!!

Hello Again my patients,

well, it looks like is gonna be another busy day en la Clinica....and you ain't ready for this one. Here's a track from the one and only Morenito de Fuego !!!! This dude only brings str8 up fiaaaah to the table.

Moreno and Gushdoktor (from Jesus WArr, More on that soon jejejeje ), basically went in at Studio 13 in MTY, and crank this murdah out.

We going for the Discoooooooo !!! so play it, download it, pass it to your DJ's, Play it again, PAss it again, Puff, Puff, Light it up and

KAbooooooooooom !!!!!!!


Te Quiero OE by Laclinica

SoFLA " Esto Lo Que Hago "

Wad uuuuuuP my patients,

Aca les traigo a my boy SoFlA, nuevo video, New Track, mixed at Vanquish Studios

I like this track, talks a lot a bit about what da deal is...when i first heard this trak i just knew i had to hit this mix...so I did jejejejeje.
The video came out dope, big ups to Luiville on that....

Ok, so here it is

KAboooooom !!!!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Calle 13 - Calma Pueblo NSFW, NSFG UNCENOSRED

What's happening my patients.....

Ok here's the bomb of the weeek, brand new video from calle 13..... check it while is still up cause they taking it down from everywhere.... uncensored, NOT SAFE FOR WORK, and definitely NOT SAFE FOR GOVERNMENTS.

I repeat, this is UNCENSORED.....and KICK ASSSSS !!!!!!

I swear when i was talking to visitante about this video like a week ago, I never imagined this...


Monday, July 26, 2010

Rey Resurreccion - Spaceships [full video]

Wad up Patients....

So new week, new day, new muzak, new video....

This is Rey Resurreccion, and this dude is badass. I like the beat a lot, i like the delivery a lot and the video is dope. Better some some really well funded shit playing on....well, i would say MTV, but the last video that played on MTV happened in like 1992 jejejeejej.

Anyway, I wanna work with this dude, like ASAP. A collabo with Milkman would be dopeness and freshness, and badassnesss....

KAboooooom !!!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Lola Master Medic master touch by Laclinica

Ke onda my patients....

Busy week this week...what am i saying ??? every week is a busy week in da clinic, hehe

so what do we have here ? what we have is Lola, a new track from my gurl Niña Dioz from Messicooooo !!!! this one is produced by Alejandro Rosso (Plastilina Mosh).

I dunno what it is about the Lola's out there, they turn out to be....oh wait, i don't wanna give away the ending, jejeje, hit the track and sound off if you like, and if you don't like...well, we have a cream for that hateitis you got.

Anyway, Niña Dioz and I have a whole album that's iching to get out, i'll keep you all posted on that...

' nouhg said, and here's the

KAboooooom !!!!!

Lola Master Medic master touch by Laclinica

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dominican Rock, What ???!!

hey there my Patients....

So here's something to trip U out a bit, Dominican Rock baby, yeaaah !!!!!!

Amyloe is a band in the Dominican Republic i recentely had the pleasure to mix for. This is their first song, their first single, first track on the eventual album, and first production ever...(inhaaaale)...... and i think they are off to a great start.

The song is called Wish you well, and yes they sing in english on this one, and yes they is Dominican, yes....yes....yeap. jejejeje
Kabooooom !!!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Half Colombian Half Mexican Bandit -Toy selectah mirror version

Wad up ma' patients.....

So here's a Video from my homie Toy Selectah. He put this together while him and Milkman were in colombia back in January. From what i hear they had a great time, met some cool people and put on a dope show. I didn't get to go, and Im still giving them a hard time about it. especially after seeing this Video.

So Toy, Milko, next time you all go to Colombia, you better make room for the Dominican.

KAbooooooom !!!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

She's a Tease- Why ( Does Your Love Hurt So Much ) ? VIDEO OFICIAL

And then there's Shesatease..... Make no mistake, There's a Grammy waiting for me with these guys one day, You can take that to the clinic....

Is one of my best mixes to date, The whole album is insane. One day SOMEONE will see that and sign these fooo's, instead of wasting time and money on whatever poppy shit they wasting money on.

Anyway, I love the track and you will too. And i thinks the video....we'll serves the song quite well


KAboooooom !!!!!!!

Calle 13 - Calma Pueblo (exclusivo Cual es?)

Hummm... New Calle 13 track, going for the jugular, no one is safe from this one

sound off people.........

KAboooooom !!!!!

Milkman " Tonight"

Ok, Welcome to Da Clinic my patients.

I will be your Medic and i will try to keep you posted on the cool shit i run into.....starting with my Boy Milkman and he video Tonight.

This thing was shot while Milkman and Shesatease came to miami so we could work on their albums at Vanquish Studios

Www.Vanquiststudios.coM by the way, peep that. I call that place home sometimes.......all the time
anyway, the resulting footage from said trip resulted in this humble sick-ass video.

hit it up, and next up, I got a video from my boys Shesatease.....

and another one from my boy Toy Selectah

KAboooooom !!!!!!