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Friday, August 13, 2010

Takin Ova by MalucaMala

Hello my patients....

    I got a good one for this Friday the 13th.....viernes Malo con la Maluca,

 BaM !!!!!

   My gurl malucamala got this mixtape out, and you all gotta download it and eat it up like goood china foood. Imma post up this track from it called Takin Ova, produced by Marcus Price, visuals by Paul Devro and Mike Bishop. Also it was  mixed by Paul Devro, hopefully soon i'll have something from him to post up too ;)

sooooo....but in addition to that, here's the link to download the whole thing.

 Hit it up, and let that junk china food flow through ya jejejeje !!!

 KAboooooooom !!!!!


  Takin Ova by MalucaMala

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