Friday, August 6, 2010

Niña Dioz Triple Friday Feature

Ok, lets close friday with a BAng !!!!!

We got a Niña Dioz Trippple Feature to celebrate her California Tour.

first a track is with Ceci Bastida, called Empieza Amanecer. You already know these two gurls, but if you don't, this track is a good introduction. Ceci just release her album in mexico, US to follow. Niña Dioz got her album ready to go, but meanwhile there's a mixtape coming that's gonna be a great fix.

Ceci, hit me up, we gotta do something gurla !!!!!

KAboooooom !!! number 1 right here

NExt is a CRKRS track Ft Niña Dioz and Kid Kimera. You need to keep an eye out for this Kimera...Remember I only post music and video of artist that i worked with, are working with, or will work with. I havent worked with The Kid......yet, but that has to happen soon

KAboooooom !!!!! Number 2

And finally a Remix from one of the tracks in the upcoming album, this one is called Boom Bap, original track by mood fu, Remix by Rob Threezy. One of the few tracks from the Album, Nueva Escuela, that's actually made it out....

KAbooooom !!!!! number 3

NExt week I gots some more MTY Crema....See ya for now

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