Tuesday, August 2, 2011

VIDEO OFICIAL 3Ball MTY - Inténtalo ( Me Prende )

So what's 3ball MTY you ask, bueno, quien mejor que preguntarles a estos cabrones de Erik Rincon, Dj Otto and sheeqobeat. Ellos si saben ejejeje

Check the video out y prendanse cabrones


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Toy Selectah feat Rey Pila - Villian Chillin (Don´t Be Afraid)

Toy Selectah, Rey Pila, B-boy duel, Medico mixing....

i mean, what else can i say ??

KABOOM !!!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011


Ok, finally my dude Mexican Dubwiser is getting ready to roll out his music. I've been hearing his stuff for a minute, and now and we get a taste of things to come with this new video.

I remixed this track when we hung out in Colombia earlier this year, but you gotta wait a little bit longer for that, jejeje

meanwhile, enjoy peeps


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Me Has Olvidado Medico Dubsteo Remix

So i sent this out for peeps to post....mean while let me go first.

The band is Hello Seahorse, the genre, Dubstep....SURPRISEEEEE !!! jejejeje

hope you all like it


Download link:


Hello-Seahorse-Me-has-Olvidado-Medic-Dubstep-Mix by Laclinica

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rey Resurreccion - Lioness

Another video from my dude Rey out in the west coast, im telling you people, you gots to pay a attention, to the the Resurreccion...nough said.

here's his tumbler http://www.rey-r.com/ find out all info, mixtapes and albums on Itunes, more videos etc... right on there

oh yeah, videoooo !!!!

Kaboooom !!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hello SeaHorse - Me has Olvidado

Sooooo, I always wanted to work with Hello Seahorse, y en este ultimo viaje a Mexico finalmente conoci a Bonnz, integrante de la banda, y de una le tire que quiero hacereles un dubstep.

Y pues de una me solto los stems de la cancion de este video.

Me Has Olvidado from Hello Seahorse! on Vimeo.

asi que enjoy de video, y pronto les suelto el remix, que sin ego les digo...me kedo cabroooooooooon !!!!

KAbooooooom !!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Omniscient- Brother Ft. Yeyo of The Dey, Locos Por Juana & OneChot (Offi...

Ok, this track.... got a bunch on talent on it, I like a lot, and the video as you'll see, is mega mega dopeness. The Track is By Omniscient It features One Chot , Locos por Juana , and Yeyo

but as if that wasn't enough, jejeje, here's a Dubstep Remix i whipped up to go along with it. Hope you enjoy this too

Brother Rude Medic Dubstep remix by Laclinica

is not ready for download, honestly cause i still don't know what's gonna happen with it, check back in couple of days and it might be ready in case you want it. and if you really want it, leave a comment or send a message.

Kabooooooooooom !!!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

OneChot - RUFF.mp4

Im little late to the party, pero aca viene one chot con su video RUFF, grabado en españa, esta super bien echo, mucha energia, mucho vibe. Venezuela en la Casa mi genteeeeee

Estamos cocinando par de cositas, asi que esperen un poquito mas pa poder volarle es casco a todos

KAbooooooom !!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Un poco de dubstep para el que le guste

Mi gente, aca les traigo un par de remixes que tengo armadas, estilo Dubstep.

La meta es sacar Dubstep en español para que gozen y retozen.

Si no saben lo que es Dubstep, consider this your first date, get to know each other, and hopefully you will fall in love ....aaaaaaawwwwww

Or not, you'll think is da nastiest most disgusting most disturbing sounds coming out the speakers....and if you think that, well, Glad you liked it !!!!!!

Datos intimos - She's a Tease

Datos intimos Emergency medic dub mix by Laclinica

Madame Recamier - Ordinary Boy

01 Ordinary Boy Medic De-Ordinaryzing Dubstep Mix by Laclinica

Torre Blanca Ft. Niña Dioz

Defensa - Torre Blanca Ft. Nina Dioz Medico Dub Remix by Laclinica

Fiebre de Jack - She's a Tease

Fiebre de Jack Medic Dubstep Mix by Laclinica

Y finalmente un poco de Dominican Dubstep

AMYLOE - Wish You Well (Medic Amputation Dub Remix)

AMYLOE - Wish You Well (Medic Amputation Dub Remix) by Raphael Sepulveda

KAboooooooom !!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Disco Ruido New Video, Amorfos

Like i said, Diarreah de posts, and here's post number twoooo....

This video is dope, just dooooooope, and is from our brother band Disco Ruido. You don't know Disco Ruido then you better cop their new album Sistema Solar however you can cuase that album is a PROBLEM !!!!!!

Disco Ruido - Amorfos from Red Bull • Tour Bus Mexico on Vimeo.

oh, here's their website you lazy bums http://discoruido.tv/

'Nough Said


Dubstep Remix coming soooooon

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sorry bout the absence, pero empezo la diarrea de post

Damn is been a minute, pero ya, acabao de llegar de mexico y hay mucho pa postear, so here we go....

Empezando con el Vive latino, un videito que resume lo exitoso que fue para nosotor. mad luv para She's a tease, Milkman Y el hombre de tras del lente , Photora

KAbooooooooom !!!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sensato Del Patio ft. Aventura - El Malo Remix (WWW.PAPASENSATO.COM)

Ufff, you know, these dudes always impress me with the quality of their videos, they got a dope team together and they keep proving over and over that you don't need Kanye West budgets to make quality shit....

Any way, on day 4 of the year, here's Sensato Del Patio ft. Aventura - El Malo Remix

if you look closely you'll see my boy Dj Napoles, thats another bad dude. Dominicanooooooos represent !!!!!!

KAbooooooom !!!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Check out music from Pharaoh

okay okay,

Late monday post in da clinic, music from my VA boy Pharaoh

mixed by yours truly at Vanquish Studios, we had some really fun times and the music shows it. Get at the jams and rock out, this kid gonna blow up anytime now

Special Thanks to La La entertainment for the good vibes and the fun times as well, (toros and tacos, what more can i say jejeje)

let's gooooooo !!!

Kaboooooom !!!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Datos Intimos Dub Remix

Ok, Aca les traigo un Remix que me salio de Datos Intimos 'pal año Nuevo, Dubstep Style pa los que saben.

Hope you enjoy it !!!!!!!

Happy NEw Year Suuuuckasss,

Datos intimos Emergency medic dub mix by Laclinica

Download HERE

Kabooooooooooom !!

Nuevo Mixtape de Erick Santos

Ok, Vamos a empezar este año como es, mi pana Erick Santos desde Mexico nos manda un mixtape ready pa darle a este año duro por el ano jejejeje

Denle al link y bajen esto ya


Kaboooooooom !!!!!