Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Te Quiero EO by Morenito de Fuegooooo !!!!!

Hello Again my patients,

well, it looks like is gonna be another busy day en la Clinica....and you ain't ready for this one. Here's a track from the one and only Morenito de Fuego !!!! This dude only brings str8 up fiaaaah to the table.

Moreno and Gushdoktor (from Jesus WArr, More on that soon jejejeje ), basically went in at Studio 13 in MTY, and crank this murdah out.

We going for the Discoooooooo !!! so play it, download it, pass it to your DJ's, Play it again, PAss it again, Puff, Puff, Light it up and

KAbooooooooooom !!!!!!!


Te Quiero OE by Laclinica

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