Friday, July 23, 2010

Lola Master Medic master touch by Laclinica

Ke onda my patients....

Busy week this week...what am i saying ??? every week is a busy week in da clinic, hehe

so what do we have here ? what we have is Lola, a new track from my gurl Niña Dioz from Messicooooo !!!! this one is produced by Alejandro Rosso (Plastilina Mosh).

I dunno what it is about the Lola's out there, they turn out to be....oh wait, i don't wanna give away the ending, jejeje, hit the track and sound off if you like, and if you don't like...well, we have a cream for that hateitis you got.

Anyway, Niña Dioz and I have a whole album that's iching to get out, i'll keep you all posted on that...

' nouhg said, and here's the

KAboooooom !!!!!

Lola Master Medic master touch by Laclinica

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