Thursday, July 29, 2010

Calle 13 - Calma Pueblo NSFW, NSFG UNCENOSRED

What's happening my patients.....

Ok here's the bomb of the weeek, brand new video from calle 13..... check it while is still up cause they taking it down from everywhere.... uncensored, NOT SAFE FOR WORK, and definitely NOT SAFE FOR GOVERNMENTS.

I repeat, this is UNCENSORED.....and KICK ASSSSS !!!!!!

I swear when i was talking to visitante about this video like a week ago, I never imagined this...


Monday, July 26, 2010

Rey Resurreccion - Spaceships [full video]

Wad up Patients....

So new week, new day, new muzak, new video....

This is Rey Resurreccion, and this dude is badass. I like the beat a lot, i like the delivery a lot and the video is dope. Better some some really well funded shit playing on....well, i would say MTV, but the last video that played on MTV happened in like 1992 jejejeejej.

Anyway, I wanna work with this dude, like ASAP. A collabo with Milkman would be dopeness and freshness, and badassnesss....

KAboooooom !!!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Lola Master Medic master touch by Laclinica

Ke onda my patients....

Busy week this week...what am i saying ??? every week is a busy week in da clinic, hehe

so what do we have here ? what we have is Lola, a new track from my gurl Niña Dioz from Messicooooo !!!! this one is produced by Alejandro Rosso (Plastilina Mosh).

I dunno what it is about the Lola's out there, they turn out to be....oh wait, i don't wanna give away the ending, jejeje, hit the track and sound off if you like, and if you don't like...well, we have a cream for that hateitis you got.

Anyway, Niña Dioz and I have a whole album that's iching to get out, i'll keep you all posted on that...

' nouhg said, and here's the

KAboooooom !!!!!

Lola Master Medic master touch by Laclinica

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dominican Rock, What ???!!

hey there my Patients....

So here's something to trip U out a bit, Dominican Rock baby, yeaaah !!!!!!

Amyloe is a band in the Dominican Republic i recentely had the pleasure to mix for. This is their first song, their first single, first track on the eventual album, and first production ever...(inhaaaale)...... and i think they are off to a great start.

The song is called Wish you well, and yes they sing in english on this one, and yes they is Dominican, yes....yes....yeap. jejejeje
Kabooooom !!!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Half Colombian Half Mexican Bandit -Toy selectah mirror version

Wad up ma' patients.....

So here's a Video from my homie Toy Selectah. He put this together while him and Milkman were in colombia back in January. From what i hear they had a great time, met some cool people and put on a dope show. I didn't get to go, and Im still giving them a hard time about it. especially after seeing this Video.

So Toy, Milko, next time you all go to Colombia, you better make room for the Dominican.

KAbooooooom !!!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

She's a Tease- Why ( Does Your Love Hurt So Much ) ? VIDEO OFICIAL

And then there's Shesatease..... Make no mistake, There's a Grammy waiting for me with these guys one day, You can take that to the clinic....

Is one of my best mixes to date, The whole album is insane. One day SOMEONE will see that and sign these fooo's, instead of wasting time and money on whatever poppy shit they wasting money on.

Anyway, I love the track and you will too. And i thinks the video....we'll serves the song quite well


KAboooooom !!!!!!!

Calle 13 - Calma Pueblo (exclusivo Cual es?)

Hummm... New Calle 13 track, going for the jugular, no one is safe from this one

sound off people.........

KAboooooom !!!!!

Milkman " Tonight"

Ok, Welcome to Da Clinic my patients.

I will be your Medic and i will try to keep you posted on the cool shit i run into.....starting with my Boy Milkman and he video Tonight.

This thing was shot while Milkman and Shesatease came to miami so we could work on their albums at Vanquish Studios

Www.Vanquiststudios.coM by the way, peep that. I call that place home sometimes.......all the time
anyway, the resulting footage from said trip resulted in this humble sick-ass video.

hit it up, and next up, I got a video from my boys Shesatease.....

and another one from my boy Toy Selectah

KAboooooom !!!!!!