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Friday, April 22, 2011

Un poco de dubstep para el que le guste

Mi gente, aca les traigo un par de remixes que tengo armadas, estilo Dubstep.

La meta es sacar Dubstep en español para que gozen y retozen.

Si no saben lo que es Dubstep, consider this your first date, get to know each other, and hopefully you will fall in love ....aaaaaaawwwwww

Or not, you'll think is da nastiest most disgusting most disturbing sounds coming out the speakers....and if you think that, well, Glad you liked it !!!!!!

Datos intimos - She's a Tease

Datos intimos Emergency medic dub mix by Laclinica

Madame Recamier - Ordinary Boy

01 Ordinary Boy Medic De-Ordinaryzing Dubstep Mix by Laclinica

Torre Blanca Ft. Niña Dioz

Defensa - Torre Blanca Ft. Nina Dioz Medico Dub Remix by Laclinica

Fiebre de Jack - She's a Tease

Fiebre de Jack Medic Dubstep Mix by Laclinica

Y finalmente un poco de Dominican Dubstep

AMYLOE - Wish You Well (Medic Amputation Dub Remix)

AMYLOE - Wish You Well (Medic Amputation Dub Remix) by Raphael Sepulveda

KAboooooooom !!!!

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