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Monday, April 25, 2011

Omniscient- Brother Ft. Yeyo of The Dey, Locos Por Juana & OneChot (Offi...

Ok, this track.... got a bunch on talent on it, I like a lot, and the video as you'll see, is mega mega dopeness. The Track is By Omniscient It features One Chot , Locos por Juana , and Yeyo

but as if that wasn't enough, jejeje, here's a Dubstep Remix i whipped up to go along with it. Hope you enjoy this too

Brother Rude Medic Dubstep remix by Laclinica

is not ready for download, honestly cause i still don't know what's gonna happen with it, check back in couple of days and it might be ready in case you want it. and if you really want it, leave a comment or send a message.

Kabooooooooooom !!!!!

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